How can you decide if you are in need of Disability Insurance?

We buy insurance to protect the things that we think are important. These are things that we want to be protected in case of a worst-case-scenario.

You have auto insurance for your car, home insurance for your home, health insurance should you need it, but would you do if you were injured and unable to work?

At policyline, we offer disability insurance, allowing you to put your mind at ease should something happen and you are out of work. This is something that you would need if you or those you love rely on your income.

There are a few options in acquiring disability insurance.

Your employer may provide a group policy.

Make sure that the group policy covers what you need. You should be looking to cover 60 to 70 percent of your salary. If you aren’t covered to the point you believe you need to be – you can get supplemental insurance.

You may be worried about cost. Remember. This is to protect you should you not be able to work. You’re protecting your future income and if you depend on your income to pay your bills, you should have a disability policy.

Contact your policyline agent today to learn more about disability insurance and what policy will fit your needs.