Renters Insurance North Carolina

It doesn’t matter what you need – policyline has you covered

35% of residents in the United States are renters while in North Carolina alone there are nearly 872,000 renters.

Some believe that when they rent a property, their landlord has insurance that will cover their property in case of damage by natural disaster, burglary or another occurrence.
Unfortunately, the landlord’s insurance does not cover your personal property.
The landlord’s insurance covers:
•The structure of their property
•The appliances, carpet and fixtures that the landlord owns.
A renters policy is a low-cost option that will cover your personal belongings as well as damage or injury inside your apartment.
At a higher premium, if your possessions are stolen or damaged/destroyed, they will be replaced at full-value.
Some landlords require a renters policy but even if they do not, it is a good idea to insure your possessions against the worst-case scenario. Call your policyline agent today to discuss your renters insurance options.