Pet Insurance North Carolina

It doesn’t matter what you need – policyline has you covered

Pets are part of your family – we want to offer the best in pet insurance for you to help cover both sick visits and accidents.

Here are some questions that you may have before deciding if you should purchase pet insurance.
1) Does the policy cover chronic & hereditary conditions?
Petplan provides full coverage for hereditary and chronic conditions – standard.**
2) Will my policy offer coverage for the rest of my pet’s life?
Once your pet is insured with Petplan, chronic conditions are covered for life,** as long as you renew your policy each year without a break in coverage.  Additionally, premiums will not increase due to claims activity.
3) Are there pre-condition limits?
Petplan does not limit reimbursement based on your pet’s specific condition.  The plans have simple annual limits that replenish each year at renewal.
4) How well-established is the company?
Petplan has been insuring pets in the UK and around the world for more than 35 years.
5) Can you customize your policy?
Petplan offers you the flexibility to choose the right level of coverage for you and your family budget – even up to 100% reimbursement.
**As long as the condition was not showing clinical signs prior to the effective date of the policy or during the policy waiting period.  Lifetime coverage is contingent on the policy being renewed each year without any break in coverage.  Subject to annual policy limits.   Limits are replenished in full on renewal.  Pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage
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