It’s summertime and we all want to get out and enjoy the weather.  There is nothing better than being able to sit out in the sun and relax and there is nothing worse than realizing that, after a long day at the beach or a few rounds of golf, you’re as red as a lobster.  And red – is not your color.
policyline insurance wants you to stay healthy and be the best you possible, and that includes taking care of your health – and your skin.  here are some tips to keep your skin burn-free all summer long.
Now.  I know that the men will think that we’ve forgotten about them and this post is going to be all about women and their big floppy hats and making sure that they don the preferred amount of ray-blocking makeup, but fear-not, we haven’t forgotten about anyone.
Gentlemen, we have some good news.
Summer is your chance to not have to worry about shaving every day.  If you’re constantly putting razor to skin, you’re not allowing your skin to heal properly between shaves.  In these few months when you’re spending more time outside, be careful that if you are shaving every day, you are using the proper aftershave and moisturizers.  You want to keep your skin hydrated – especially if you’re being rough with it and keeping up with your shaving routine.
We understand that ladies have a few more options.  There is SPF in makeup now, in moisturizers, and the reality is that women are more likely to moisturize than men.

Staying Safe in the Sun – Don’t neglect: 

1. Your eyes. They can get damaged, too (think cataracts, corneal sunburn or even cancer of the eye), which is why they have created UV protection in sunglasses.
2. Your scalp is also something that can be neglected.  Make sure to protect your hairline with either sunscreen or hat.
3. Don’t forget that chapstick also has sunscreen in it to protect your lips.
4. If you do burn, try to find a product with at least 90% aloe in it.  Better yet, make your own aloe gel from an aloe plant.  They are inexpensive and a natural source of healing for burns.
5. Keep your kids out of the sun as much as realistically possible without making them hermits.  Especially if they are under 6 months old.  If they are in the sun, make sure you slather on the sunscreen as often as directed, and keep their skin covered in protective clothing, hats and sunglasses.  They’ll thank you for it later.
Most importantly, vitamin D is important.  It makes us happy, it supports our immune systems, enhances calcium absorption and more.
So while we need to be careful to take care of our skin, don’t stay inside.  Go enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.  Winter is coming.
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